Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Little Treats for all the Sweet Moments of Life

So you’re throwing a little soiree for all your friends to celebrate that new job of yours or just a little tea party. You need to have some kind of snacks or sweets for all your guests…but you don’t want it to be the plain old items like biscuits or cakes. Well, here’s a little something just for those of you out there who fit this description. Here at Dotted I, we provide you with all kinds of little treats that can make those little occasions that much more memorable. From cupcakes to complete Gourmet hampers, we have just about anything you might need.

“If you can’t get bread, eat cake”. This is a phrase commonly attributed (or is it misattributed?) to Queen Marie Antoinette of France who lived sometime in the 18th century. Here at Dotted I, we make that phrase a reality. Take a look at some of our quirky, fun and most importantly, delicious gourmet products for everyone to enjoy…

Throwing a bachelorette party for your best friend? Try the naughty cup cakes. They are sweet and at the same time will add a little spice to the party too.

You just had a huge fight with your friend and you want to make things right. Send them our special “I Am Sorry” tarts to lighten the mood. It’s literally a very “sweet” way to apologize right?

Macaroons…heard of ‘em? Well, until I came to Dotted I, I hadn’t. But one thing’s for sure- they’re delicious. Best part is they come in whole jars so you can either share the joy or just end up having more for yourself. Personally, I would prefer the second option.

Well, I love lollipops…and I love cakes & brownies too. Any way I can have both at the same time? If you have asked that question at any point of time, then we have the perfect thing for you. Our cake pops and brownie pops combine the best of both worlds and give you the pleasure of eating a cake or brownie while feeling like you’re having a lollipop.

Well, I could keep listing all the items available and describe them to you but why deprive you of the fun of discovering it for yourself? Check out our complete list right here.

Well, that’s it for now. I better stop with the sweets before I get a sugar rush. Until next time, take care.

Signing off,
New recruit at Team Dotted I

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