Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A bucket full of love!

Did you know that at Dottedi we have this lovely collection of buckets? Some really lovely, unique and funky ones at that. Errr... before you think why would we sell funky bathing buckets, let me tell you these are gifting buckets - some empty, some full. Curious? Excited? Wanna know more? 
Here is our latest collection of buckets with some old and very popular ones and some new additions.

Know of friends or family expecting a baby or have had a baby? This cute little baby bucket is the perfect way to gift baby stuff in. You can fill in goodies or things that the baby will need. You can buy an empty bucket or a toy can be added. It can be reused later in multiple ways. 

Want to gift something to someone and are bored of the options available? Or just want to brighten up a spot in the room? Try this colourful Polka dot bucket. It is so much fun! It comes empty but you can use it to gift stuff or store your stationary, candy, clothes pegs, napkin rings, art accessories and so much more.

If you are looking for some more gifting options, we have this cute Present pail with the attractive presents, balloons, flowers, candy and all things nice, all over it. A welcome change to all the wrapping papers, newspapers and gum and tape.

For all you lovers of all things vintage, we have the "My Little Old Pail". It is flowery, pink and as 60s as it gets. It is inspired from colonial ceramic floral prints. In addition to using it for gifting, you can use it to show off lovely fresh flowers, store those beautiful pearls and trinkets or to keep yummy Christmas cookies safe from naughty little hands ;)

We also have some lovely theme buckets to celebrate happy occasions! Someone you know is getting married soon? How about this bucket with a list of 100 things to do before you get hitched? You can create a customised list of things to do or use the standard list we have. Makes for a fun, unique and memorable experience.

Throwing a bachelorette for your girl friend who is getting married soon? Get this Bachelorette pail which comes with a pack of party cards, 8 printed napkins with a game, a banner, 8 badges and 8 funky balloons. We also call it the "Last fling before the Ring" pail. *Wink Wink!

For the love struck fellows we have these 2 lovey dovey options to spice up your love life. The Love Pail and the 100 Reasons Why I Love You Pail. The love pail has a few 100 quirky reasons why you love your partner- on a toilet roll, a love band, a naughty dice game, a beautiful scented candle and some potpourri. So go ahead buy this bucket and set up that date night! 
The 100 reasons why I love you bucket has a list of 100 reasons why you love him/her. You get a standard list of reasons with the bucket or you can personalise them. Make it oh-so-special for someone!

The next time you think of making someones gift extra special, think of using these pails. Makes for a memorable experience and a unique one at that :) 
Happy gifting!!  

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