Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to surprise a golgappa lover!

Here at Dottedi, we just LOVE giving SURPRISES! Big ones, small ones, special ones, out-of-this-world ones. Out of all our surprises, golgappa surprise is one of our fastest sellers. In a week’s time we have about three orders. Yeah, people love it that much :)

What does it include?
As part of the golgappa surprise, 100 golgappas are delivered to the person to be surprised. An authentic golgappa walah comes along and sets up everything. Along comes a Dottedi representative who brings some fun activities and games for the surprised guest and their friends to play and eat. Since it is a 100 golgappas, the whole family and friends can enjoy the experience. This surprise makes for a unique and fun experience. Something that you and your guests will remember for a long long time. 

How does it work?
So once you have decided you want to surprise a golgappa lover, reach out to us via email or phone.
We will get back to you asking the date, time and venue details. We will also need some basic information about the guest of honor - their name, what do they like, dislike, their favorites. 

On the actual day
Our team will bring all the cutlery, crockery. You will need to provide us a table to set up stuff. 
We will even bring the real golgappa stand. How cool is that? 

We will ensure that the golgappas, the water and the serving everything is done hygienically. 
We will make the guest do some fun tasks and activities, even serve golgappas to other guests - all this while eating golgappas themselves!

Make sure you encourage your guest to participate in all those tasks. In case there is any extra food left over after the event, we will hand it over to the guest. 
We bet that your friends and family will love this awesome surprise. Here are a few of our very happy customers. Oh yes, we do give out a certificate of being a certified golgappa champion to the guest. 

And if you want (you can select this option while placing the order) we will send you a picture of the champion in a frame in 2 to 3 days post the event. 

Have fun surprising a loved one!! Check out other surprises that we can arrange for you, here

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