Thursday, 15 May 2014


We got a request approximately a month ago from a lady asking to throw a one of a kind surprise for her fiancé. The trick was that this lady would be out of station for the birthday and we had to do something that would make the fiancé feel loved in spite of her not being around.

The lady mentioned for her fiancé was a foodie, so we recommended that she go for our DOTTEDi Take Home Chef experience.

The process was quite simple, our client mentioned what all her fiancé cannot eat and on consult with our Chef, we whipped up a yummy menu which was instantly approved by the client.

On the day of the birthday, our Chef along with two DOTTEDi consultants showed up to the house. Least to say, her fiancé was extremely surprised.

In the next two hours, our fabulous Chef cooked a 5 course meal for the fiancé and his friends. The friends had a blast learning tricks of the trade from the chef. We are all quite amazed at how simple it was to make such food. The menu was Bruschetta, short skewer food, Beetroot salad with yogurt & dill. Main course was finger licking chicken schnitzel with roast potatoes and buttered vegetables. Dessert was hot chocolate fudge!

We got a hand written testimonial from the birthday boy himself!

So the next time you feel eating out ain’t special enough, call us and we’ll bring the DOTTEDi Take Home Chef experience to you!

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