Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To gift and what to gift?

"For the love of God, don't ask me what I am going to gift to friends and family this Diwali. Because I don't know!" said my aunt.
"It is so confusing, same story every year. Should I give the tea set to the Mehtas? Oh, but I think I gave them a tea set last year too. 
Maybe a dabba (box) of mithai for the Sharmas. But the same kind of mithai is there everywhere in the market. Mine will also be just another dabba. I want it to be different, something nice, something new, something fun and something that they will remember for a long time."

Familiar scene during festival season?
Struggling to think of that "nice, different, perfect" gift?
Want to break away from the mundane and cliched stuff ? 

Here are some things you can try out this season and do let us know how it worked out :) 

Cute eh? You can even send tarts and mini cupcakes with a festive theme. 

Sick of all the mithai (sweets) going around? Gift someone the tea hamper to soothe those frazzled festive season nerves, to help them relax. 

Know someone who loves to host taash (cards) parties?? Perrrfect gift for them - the funky playing cards which can be customized with a photograph of your choice.
Or a box of the You're The Bomb mint chocolates. Apt for gifting to your firecracker friends :) 

Are you hosting a party at your place? Need some funky shot glasses? In addition to making people feel happy, they also make for great conversation starters :) 

And for all the post festive season recovery, this Pamper me Spa Pail will be awesome! It is the perfect gift to spoil your friends and yourself ;) 

None of these work for you? Still confused about what to give? No worries. We have some super fun gift certificates for you. Reach out to us. 

Wishing you a fun filled, happy and warm festive season ahead. Happy shopping and gifting! 

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Monstrous First Birthday

This month, 12 years ago I had done 3 birthday parties and promised myself to never be anxious of an order. Now, 12 years later... with over 1500 birthday parties, I am anxious about a new theme. Ahem!! Such is life of a Creative person handling a parent's dream


Client Brief: A Monster Birthday Bash.
Inspired by: Honeymoon in Paris and seeing the costume at a store, plus Monster University Movie.
Di Team’s Task: Sourcing and creating 1 eyed Monsters at a 5 star luxury hotel in Bangalore. 

  • Candy Bar: Monster lollipops, color coded candies and multicolor layered jello cups
 – Incredible  cupcakes cake with lots of eyes, googly eyes and colorful polka dots

  • Centre Pieces: Fur table linen and  decorated buckets with Monstrously cute characters!
  •  Main Course All the dishes converted to Monster Names; example “Monster Lice” instead of Monster Rice
  • Photo Booth:  Decor with balloons to complete the Monster Look
  • Buntings and Paper Danglers with the same theme
From the dozens of googly eyes and colorful candies to adorable felt monsters, Medhansh’s Monster Themed Birthday Party had it all !
A blue and green colour palate with accents of red in a darkened room with smoke machine’s and noises made it mysterious, not to mention the walkway done with only googly eyes all over the place. 
The Decor Around the place was filled with cute Monsters, not to mention, loads of  paper Decor hand cut at our Studio. 


Monster Cake

Cookie Monsters

Bird's Eye View Of the Place

We loved arranging this party. It was super fun!! If you would like to do this for someone you know, do let us know :) 
Have a lovely week ahead!